Metal Frames

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  1. Classique


    Time-honoured design and contemporary notes seamlessly combine to create a magical design that looks simply stunning in an electro plated Black Nickel finish. Learn More
  2. Rosecroft


    Glossy Ivory with Antique Brass Bed. Marrying the traditional and contemporary in perfect harmony, framed with Antique Brass accessories. Learn More
  3. Dynasty


    This classically styled design makes for a stunning centre-piece and is punctuated by steel sheet accessories and decorations. Benjamin is presented in a Brass and Nickel finish. Learn More
  4. Adagio


    Choose from Ivory Gloss/Brass, Black/Nickel, Black/Brass & all Ivory Gloss with a Birch veneered slated base, available as a bedstead and headboard, in one of four sizes (4’, 4’ 6”, 5’and 6’). This charming bedstead has two base heights (14” and 17”) for optimum comfort. Learn More
  5. Westbrook


    Antique Brass Bed. Elegantly refined, engraved castings complete this timeless design that captures the imagination. Fantastic value Learn More
  6. Leighton


    Imposing proportions presented in a rich, Antique Brass finish, convey a sense of elegant refinement and sophistication. Learn More
  7. Burkesville


    Glossy Ivory Bed. Sophisticated elegance, with strong lines, making for a truly memorable design. Learn More
  8. Maribel


    Available in two sizes (4’ 6” and 5’) with a Birch veneered slatted base. Fantastic value Learn More

8 Item(s)

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