About Water Beds Direct

Your comfort is our concern..

Waterbeds Direct are part of the Dream Merchants Group of Companies who are the largest retailer of Aquastar Waterbeds and Waterbed Accessories in the United Kingdom.

Waterbeds Direct was founded in 1997 as a response to the growing demand by the general public for Waterbeds that were not only affordable but also made in designs which would be able to grace any household, whether the taste be contemporary or traditional waterbeds.

At Waterbeds Direct our mission is to increase peoples understanding of how waterbeds encourage a good night's sleep. Of how they can ease back pain and, due to the washable top, eliminate Dust Mites from the mattress, thus providing relief to sufferers of Asthma, Hay Fever or other respiratory disorders. Consequently allowing more people to have a peaceful nights sleep.

At Waterbeds Direct we are able to offer a wide variety of waterbeds, in 5 different levels of movement, all of which are available in 3'3“, 4'6“, 5' or 6' widths. Because of the flexibility enjoyed by being part of a large waterbed manufacturing company, Waterbeds Direct are able to offer their clients the chance to have a Waterbed, which is truly unique to themselves!......